Thursday, March 10, 2011

How To Bring a Dead Computer Back To Life

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Your laptop or desktop computer will not turn on, now what?  Most repair shops want over $120 deposit just to diagnose the problem.  This is non-refundable unless you agree to the repair.  Sometimes, the actual cost is more than the initial estimate.  If you decide the total amount is too much and want to take your dead computer home, they keep your deposit.

So, before you take it in to a repair shop try these simple tricks.

The dead desktop computer.  When a computer builds up too much static electricity, it will not start up.  To discharge excess static electricity do this.  Unplug the desktop computer from the wall outlet.  Press and continue to hold in the power button for about two minutes.  Release the power button and plug the computer back into the outlet.  Cross your fingers, press the power button and hope it turns on.  Sometimes, this is all it takes to get you back up and running.

If this little trick does not work, and your desktop computer seems lifeless, no lights or the whir of a fan, then it can be your power supply.  The power supply is not hard to replace.  Google it to find out how or watch the you tube video “How To Replace Your Power Supply” at the bottom of this blog.  To eliminate the obvious, verify the outlet is working by plugging another appliance into it.

On a laptop, unplug it from its electrical source and remove the battery then follow the above procedure.  If your laptop still seems lifeless, no lights on the keyboard or the whir from a fan, then the external power adaptor or the plug may be faulty.  I replaced mine at but you can buy a more expensive ‘universal adaptor,’ at any computer store.  If this does not solve your laptop problem then it is an internal issue.  Seek out a trained professional to fix your laptop.  I never recommend you or a ‘tech friend’ to access your laptop from the top unless you are ready to throw away your unit.

The next time your computer seems ‘dead’ try these simple tips to bring it back to life.  It may save you grief, time and money!

Here’s a reminder, continue to back-up your important files before it becomes a retrieval issue.

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