Monday, January 24, 2011

Introduction to the Secrets of Retail BS

Where does my money go?
Have you ever left a store after buying something of value and experienced that no-good feeling of “maybe he took advantage of me?”  It happens all the time!  A salesperson may have taken advantage of your ignorance.  A floor associate talked you into buying something more than you had first intended.  A computer repair guy fixes your computer at an excessive price.  And later you asked yourself, "Do I 'really' need all this stuff?"  Maybe you found out later that you could have fixed the computer yourself or bought the accessories somewhere else, and for a whole lot less!  What does that feel like?

Hey, your salesperson was a knowledgeable young man and was trying to help right?  Maybe!  Or maybe not!  How do you know for sure?  Did he or she ask, "may I help you?" Or engage you in a conversation?  That answer alone is a good tip-off whether your salesperson has received proper training to transfer money from your wallet into their commission fund.  Hey, that's what our economy is all about, right?  Sure, but you don't want to feel like a chump every time you buy something of value.

Retailers train their salespeople to set up a good rapport to enhance the sales process. This gets you comfortable and puts your defenses at ease?  Maybe you thought he was just being nice?  And that's just the beginning!  We're all used to the subtle ploys used with the ways products are arranged on the shelf but how about when a salesperson backs you up in a corner?  How did you get there?  Did you pay attention to the questions he asked and the answers you gave?  It's all about the many ploys used to separate you from your hard earned cash.

I have over 30 years in the retail and sales business.  I began by loading lumber in a building materials store, I helped manage two office supply stores, and I even sold cemetery property and radio advertising.  I'm here to educate with information that retailers do not want you to have. In just a few posts you'll never leave the store feeling like a chump!

Start following me now!  This blog promises to disclose what goes on in the backrooms of 'salesdom' and to reveal the secrets of retail.  .  Imagine what it feels like to walk out of a store with your hand raised high in triumph!  It feels good!  It feels damn good!  :)

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The definition of a chump:
a gullible person, a sucker; someone easily taken advantage of, the target of a scam.

Learn from a former salesperson and trainer how salespeople drive sales. Learn how to keep more money in your pocket where it belongs! There are two ends of every sales stick!  One end cries 'chump.'  The other end boasts 'champ.'  I know which end of the stick I want to be.  How about you?


  1. Wonderful post! Looking forward to learning more about how NOT to be taken advantage of in today's economy!

  2. I always enjoy telling the aggressive salesman:

    " Shhhhh...! do you ever run out of air? You talk too much ... and I can't hear myself think... I will let you know when I need you. "

    Works every time !

  3. AWESOME post Mark!!!!!! I can't tell you how many times i've been irritated by the 'sweet script' of a sales person...that subtle feeling of being condescended and manipulated... also, working for Starbucks for so many years i learned even more 'thy ways' of the corporation of drawing people in for their money. We had to always up sell.. people were a number.."would you like a pastry with that?!" Our joke was "would you like an espresso maker with that?".. it got old and felt dishonest often. Why cant Truth and sincerity simply sell itself? I think it does in the end. Can't wait for more of your posts!!!!!! ;) ~Madison

  4. hi mark. this is Zee, Madison's partner. i know we have never met before yet i respect what you are doing......Truth, truth, truth. this is what is important period. what has happened to us as people? when has making a buck been more important than good old honesty and compassion for other people. Where have we all gone wrong. decades have passed and we as a race of capitalists never seem to get it. I'm not here to bash a system that has been in place to insure we all can make a living, I'm bashing the greed that has been injected into our psyches like a virus, to grab from others to enrich the self. what we firmly need now is you, Mark making statements like this. call it a stand. much respect to you. keep exposing truth, truth, truth. making a buck off of others through old fashion greed, is a shame.

  5. Agent Orange Blossom a good salesman appreciates the fact we have two ears and one tongue. If he would listen more than he speaks he would learn what you really want/need and serve both of you in a more profitable way! :) Thanks for the example of how to shut down a noisy salesman!

  6. Thank you Madison and Zee for opening up and sharing your valuable input. Honesty and truth in the business world can develop so many loyal customers they have just lost sight of this gem. Thanks again for taking the time to share, you're both very special to us.