Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Printer Ink Secret!

Why waste expensive ink?
When your printer says it is low or out of ink do you immediately toss it aside and install a new cartridge?  Next time reset the memory and print some more.  Most manufacturers of ink set their cartridges to register low or out when there is an average of 25% left.  HP is the only brand that allows the cartridge to run dry.

Bargain recycled cartridges are worse.  Up to 40% of the ink can remain when the ink meter says it is out.  This is the conclusion of a test done a couple years ago by PC World.  The name brand manufacturers claim the cartridge must not run dry to prevent any damage to the printer.  However 25% seems excessive.

When you spend over $800 in black ink and 25% remains each time the meter says it is empty, that’s $200 that winds up in the garbage.  That is $200 that left your hand twice.  Once as someone else’s profit and another into the garbage, either way, you lose.

So, resist buying bargain ink and try this trick the next time your printer says it is low on ink.

I have an HP printer so I haven’t had to ‘reset’ the memory on my cartridge.  If you own another brand and want to try it watch the You Tube video found on the lower right column on this blog. Like anything found on the Internet it may be a hoax.  However, if it is true you may save precious ink over the life of your printer.

If anyone has any experience with resetting ink cartridge memory please contact me at

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