Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Overview of the Dilapidated Accidental Plan

Here is a recap of why a Laptop Accidental Plan has little value.

(This list is compiled from a brochure from a nationwide office supply chain.)

Current Features:

~~ Toll Free 24/7 Technical Support and Trouble Shooting

If you do not mind communicating by the Internet, free tech support is available to anyone.

Here is a quote from a previous blog post: Check out the many websites that offer free tech support through forums, blogs, archives, e-mail and chat rooms.  I will give you three to try out.”

Click on the link to access three websites that offer free tech support.

~~ No Lemon Policy

If you get a lemon you want service right away!  Here is a quote from another blog post:
“This feature is the most frustrating because of the hassle one goes through when they get a ‘lemon.’”

Click on the link to find out some secrets to speed up the process.

~~ Power Surge Protection

If you live under constant storm warnings or unstable power supply then click on the link for some tips on protecting your laptop.  Otherwise, this feature is weak.

~~ Covers Cost of Shipping or Onsite Service.

Do not be fooled.  Your laptop will never receive onsite service.  Repairs must happen in a pristine environment.  Onsite service refers to a desktop computer and is part of the standard plan as is all the above.  However, the cost of shipping a laptop does average $40.

The following two features are unique to an accidental plan.

~~ Accidental Damage from Handling Coverage

Here is a quote from yesterday’s blog post, If you are accident-prone, this might be a benefit.  If you are not, this plan is an expensive gamble.”

If you missed this post click here.

~~ One-time Laptop Battery Coverage

You will find the secret to ensure long battery life in this blog post so you will not need this feature. 

What is missing?  At one time Wear and Tear was a part of this plan.  Any problem that happened between any manufacture's defect and an accident.  In other words, the entire computer was covered during the plan.  Now, the high percentage laptop failure, wear and tear, no longer exists.

Earlier, Lojack Software, helped retrieve a stolen laptop, came with every Laptop Accidental Plan.  Not anymore.  This had value!

When you consider the price of these plans, almost half of the retail price for 3 years, and compare this to the value, you realize the disproportion.  If you succumbed to the pressure and bought one of these plans less than 30 days ago, you still have time to get a refund.  It is in the fine print.

If you have had a good experience with this plan, please use the comment section and contribute!

In case you missed the secrets to saving money on printer ink and how to fix computers, click on the link for a list of the current YouTube Videos on this blog.

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