Saturday, January 29, 2011

Body Language: A Sales Tool of Manipulation

Body Language
 I must clarify that this post refers to the 'professional' salesperson that you'll run into when making a large purchase like a house, car or yacht.  On the first day of retail the associate watches a video and then goes onto the floor to sell. Sometimes the newbie has to find the rest room when it comes to break time. This ‘take for granted’ attitude is true!  Ask anyone that works, or ever worked, retail about the quantity and quality of training they receive.  The response may amaze you!

 The 'professional' salesperson knows the proper use of Body Language as a client reception signal and a manipulation tool.  Everyone knows that crossing ones arms, or legs when sitting, probably means resistance.  Have you ever tried to prove your point during an argument and the recipient stands there with folded arms?  What does this body language tell you?  Yes, of course... time to regroup and change strategy.

In selling it's the same.  If you're standing there with arms folded during a salesperson's presentation that salesperson will have to regroup and come at you with another strategy.  If this has happened, the salesperson did not spend the time necessary to create a good rapport.  During a sales meeting when asked 'how long does it take to set up a good rapport with an in-house client?'  I said about 20 minutes.  Wrong! Leave me a comment if you know the correct answer.

Okay, so the professional salesperson watches your body language for signs of reception.  He or she notes your eyes, your hands, your arms, your shoulders and so on.  Now notice the body language of the salesperson.  Do you know that he or she receives training on how to mirror 'your' body language?  

It's a psychological trap that we fall into. We relax around the person we're interacting with when that person acts like us.  Take note of this 'professional ploy the next time you're in the sales arena.  When the salesperson reflects your body language you are being softened up for the 'close.'  Which means you may be moments away from buying something you may later regret.

My next post will discuss how to use Body Language to your advantage.

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The definition of a chump:
a gullible person, a sucker; someone easily taken advantage of, the target of a scam.

Learn from a former salesperson and trainer how salespeople drive sales. Learn how to keep more money in your pocket where it belongs! There are two ends of every sales stick!  One end cries 'chump.'  The other end boasts 'champ.'  I know which end of the stick I want to be.  How about you?


  1. Well as long as it takes of course! Great post

  2. Yes, that's right Joy! The answer to the question, "how long does it take to set up a good rapport with a client?" is 'as long as it takes!' My 'about 20 minutes' answer was during the time I sold pre-need cemetery property in a person's home. I was trained to find something nice in the home to compliment them about. Sheesh! I guess sometimes it longer than other times! :)