Sunday, March 20, 2011

Has Your Computer Been Compromised?

Your computer has been compromised, now what?  Take it to a store where you see the sign “We Fix Computers” or do it yourself.  If doing it yourself seems a little scary, read on.

Can it get any worse?
What do I mean by compromised?  When you start your computer and a pop-up, from an unidentifiable source, declares you are in danger because of viruses that need fixing now, you have been violated!  Upon start up a scan begins racking up all the infections on your computer and when completed, prompts you to ‘click here to fix’ and away you go to another site, you have been violated.

The unidentifiable site not only wants your money but also wants complete access to your computer files.  If you ever 'click' this far, do not pay and allow access into your computer.  I repeat, do not pay and allow access into your computer.  If you do, it is like giving a thief permission to ransack your home.

When your computer slows down to a crawl and each click takes an eternity to load, you may have an accumulation of Malware!

What is Malware?  Retail will not reveal this information because there is too much money at stake.

Malware is a ‘malicious’ intrusion that may be the culprit to many problems on your computer.

Come back tomorrow to find out more about Malware and the steps you can take to remove it.

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a gullible person, a sucker; someone easily taken advantage of, the target of a scam.

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