Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Is Paper, Right?

Paper is Paper, Right?

Once you decide on a printer the object of the salesperson is to get ink, paper and an extended warranty in your basket.  Our discussion of ink may continue but this time let's focus on paper.  

The quality and kind of paper is important.  An ink-jet printer uses wet ink and needs inkjet or multipurpose paper.  Laser paper will not absorb the ink and may smudge or smear the print.

A laser printer uses dry toner and needs laser or multipurpose paper because the high heat transfers the image onto the paper.  Glossy inkjet paper will melt and may damage the inner workings of a laser printer.

Do not let the salesperson talk you into getting copy paper.  He or she may not care what paper you put in your shopping basket. Overtime, cheap paper will leave a residue on the grab wheels and your paper may come out by two's or crooked.  If you rarely use your printer then copy paper is okay.

The reason you can't rely on the clerk or salesperson is because the clerk may not know and the salesperson just needs credit for the attachment and any paper will do.

Also, it is a common practice for the salesperson to sell out of his or her pocket and think you may not buy paper if the price is too high.  So recommending the cheap paper increases the odds you will buy it with the printer and the other attachments.

Salespeople are under pressure to load you up with as many attachments as possible.  Sometimes the risk of you saying ‘no’ outweighs the act of doing what is right.

Unfortunately, retail is a game where the consumer can come out the loser.

Now you know.

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The definition of a chump:
a gullible person, a sucker; someone easily taken advantage of, the target of a scam.

Learn from a former salesperson and trainer how salespeople drive sales. Learn how to keep more money in your pocket where it belongs! There are two ends of every sales stick!  One end cries 'chump.'  The other end boasts 'champ.'  I know which end of the stick I want to be.  How about you?

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